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Last Week on My Mac: Are you ready for 13.3 or 9.1?
2023-03-26 07:00:00 UTC

In tech news last week, Mac users were advised to prepare for updates to their operating systems. Those planning to switch to macOS Ventura 13.3 were urged to follow specific upgrade instructions. Additionally, users were reminded to step through certain procedures before updating to Mac OS 9.1 from January 2001.

Weekly Update 340
2023-03-26 06:12:14 UTC

The latest weekly update from an unknown source expressed excitement about visiting Prague, citing it as one more country to check off their list. The author is particularly enthusiastic about the city's beauty and the fact that it is home to Prusa 3D. They wrote the update while working on prints with their MK3S+ printer.

Microsoft pushes OOB security updates for Windows Snipping tool flaw
2023-03-25 17:54:50 UTC

Microsoft has issued an urgent update for the Windows Snipping tool on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. The update is meant to address a critical Acropalypse privacy vulnerability. Therefore, users are advised to update their devices with the new version of the tool to stay protected from potential security threats.

New Dark Power ransomware claims 10 victims in its first month
2023-03-25 16:29:04 UTC

A recently discovered ransomware, known as "Dark Power," has reportedly targeted and claimed its first 10 victims within a month. The cybercriminals behind the new operation have allegedly listed the victims' information onto a dark web data leak site to force them into paying a ransom. In case the victims refuse to pay, the cybercriminals have threatened to publish their data.

Cigna saves millions by having its doctors reject claims without reading them
2023-03-25 16:06:40 UTC

Health insurance company Cigna has reportedly saved millions of dollars by having its doctors reject claims without even reading them. The company has faced criticism for this practice, which has resulted in many valid claims being denied. Critics argue that it puts profits over patients and contributes to a broken healthcare system. Cigna has defended its strategy, saying that it helps reduce waste and ensures that claims are properly reviewed by trained staff.

Inaudible ultrasound attack can stealthily control your phone, smart speaker
2023-03-25 15:14:07 UTC

Researchers at an American university have created a new attack called "Near-Ultrasound Inaudible Trojan" (NUIT) that can secretly control devices that use voice assistants, such as smartphones, smart speakers, and IoTs. The attack uses inaudible ultrasound waves to take control of the device without the user's knowledge.

Russia’s Rostec allegedly can de-anonymize Telegram users
2023-03-25 14:07:14 UTC

The Russian state-owned corporation, Rostec, has purportedly acquired a tool to de-anonymize users of the encrypted messaging app, Telegram. This move is believed to help the government identify people who spread unfavorable news about the country while remaining anonymous.

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