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Hackers Exploit OpenMetadata Flaws to Mine Crypto on Kubernetes

2024-04-18 05:54:00 UTC

Hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in OpenMetadata to mine cryptocurrency on Kubernetes, according to Microsoft Threat Intelligence. The flaws have been weaponized since April 2024, allowing threat actors to gain unauthorized access to Kubernetes workloads. OpenMetadata, an open-source platform, is being used as a tool for this illicit activity.

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Malicious Google Ads Pushing Fake IP Scanner Software with Hidden Backdoor

2024-04-18 04:48:00 UTC

A recent malicious Google advertising campaign has been uncovered that promotes fake IP scanner software with a hidden backdoor. The campaign, which uses look-alike domains to mimic legitimate software, is pushing a new backdoor named MadMxShell. By leveraging Google Ads and typosquatting techniques, the threat actor is able to target specific search keywords and push these fraudulent domains to the top of search engine results.

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Srsly Risky Biz: Why the compromise of open source projects is inevitable

2024-04-18 03:09:43 UTC

In a recent podcast, Patrick Gray and Tom Uren discussed the unavoidable compromise of open source projects. They highlighted the vulnerability of open source software to 'good samaritan' attacks and suggested ways to address this issue. Additionally, they touched on the recent breach at data analytics company Sisense, the strategic risk of dependency on Microsoft, and provided insights from US Cyber Command.

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UL NO. 428: Reason to Fear; Reason to Build

2024-04-17 21:15:36 UTC

UL No. 428 introduces a discussion on the dual nature of AI propaganda, with a focus on strategies to build resilience against its harmful effects. The analyze_presentation Pattern and the importance of Guarding Your Energy Reserves are also highlighted in this edition. Stay informed on all these topics and more through this comprehensive look at current trends and solutions in the world of technology.

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Should you share your location with your partner?

2024-04-17 19:54:47 UTC

The trend of sharing locations with your partner is gaining popularity among couples, but is it a practice you should consider for your own relationship?

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Kapeka: A New Backdoor in Sandworm’s Arsenal of Aggression

2024-04-17 19:00:00 UTC

A potential new addition to Russia-linked Sandworm's arsenal of malware aggression has been discovered: Kapeka. This new backdoor may be a successor to GreyEnergy, according to security experts. The post "Kapeka: A New Backdoor in Sandworm’s Arsenal of Aggression" was reported on SecurityWeek.

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How the unique culture of security at AWS makes a difference

2024-04-17 18:51:51 UTC

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is known for its unique culture of security, with customers relying on the platform for mission-critical applications and sensitive data. From the world's fastest-growing startups to trusted governmental organizations, AWS is the top choice for running technology infrastructure due to its strong emphasis on security since day one.

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Big Tech Squares Off Against US Spies

2024-04-17 18:11:29 UTC

Silicon Valley's powerful lobbying arm teams up with privacy advocates to challenge Biden administration's plan to expand US surveillance program. Big Tech takes on US spies in a fierce battle over privacy reform.

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Introduction to AI and Leveraging it in Cybersecurity

2024-04-17 17:40:25 UTC

Learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence and how to leverage it in cybersecurity with a new AI course offered by SANS Institute. The course covers topics such as Generative AI, Prompt Engineering, and the future of AI in cybersecurity. Gain insights into AI-related cybersecurity risks and policy development to stay ahead of the curve. Embrace the transformative impact of GenAI with confidence and competence. Find out more at SANS Institute is a trusted source for information security training and certification.

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Hacking Active Directory | AD | Pentesting | Live

2024-04-17 16:09:30 UTC

Join the special live stream with Heath Adams to discover insights on hacking into Active Directory and conducting internal penetration tests. Tune in to learn more about AD exploitation and pentesting techniques.

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Miggo Security Gets $7.5 Million Seed Funding to Build ADR Technology

2024-04-17 14:54:13 UTC

Tel Aviv startup Miggo Security secures $7.5 million in seed funding led by YL Ventures to develop ADR technology for application detection and response.

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Python Security Engineering Example

2024-04-17 14:07:38 UTC

In the realm of security engineering, a common question arises regarding the use of Python. How is Python used in practical security engineering scenarios, and where is it most commonly implemented? Let's explore some examples of Python in security engineering.

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Armis Acquires Silk Security for $150 Million

2024-04-17 14:06:19 UTC

In a $150 million deal, Armis has acquired Silk Security, a company specializing in cyber risk prioritization and remediation. The acquisition was announced by Armis and marks a significant move in the cybersecurity industry. (31 words)

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Russian APT Deploys New 'Kapeka' Backdoor in Eastern European Attacks

2024-04-17 13:32:00 UTC

A new backdoor named Kapeka has been discovered by the Finnish cybersecurity firm WithSecure in cyber attacks targeting Eastern Europe, particularly Estonia and Ukraine. The backdoor, believed to be deployed by the Russia-linked APT group Sandworm, has been observed since mid-2022.

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Insuring Cyber Health | Chubb’s Insight via SentinelOne Telemetry

2024-04-17 13:00:46 UTC

Chubb and SentinelOne team up to offer greater visibility into policyholders' cyber health investments. By utilizing SentinelOne's Vital Signs Report, Chubb aims to provide enhanced transparency on cybersecurity measures.

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Cisco: Multiple VPN, SSH Services Targeted in Mass Brute-Force Attacks

2024-04-17 12:59:19 UTC

Cisco has detected a rise in mass brute-force attacks targeting various VPN, SSH, and web application authentication services. The company warns users to remain vigilant in protecting their networks from these malicious activities.

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Ivanti Patches 27 Vulnerabilities in Avalanche MDM Product

2024-04-17 12:24:32 UTC

Ivanti has issued patches for 27 vulnerabilities in its Avalanche MDM product, addressing critical flaws that could allow for command execution. The announcement was made by the company in a recent post on SecurityWeek.

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Chrome 124, Firefox 125 Patch High-Severity Vulnerabilities

2024-04-17 12:06:07 UTC

The latest security updates for Chrome 124 and Firefox 125 have addressed more than 35 vulnerabilities, including 12 high-severity bugs. Chrome and Firefox users are encouraged to update their browsers to stay protected.(Source: SecurityWeek)

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Supercharging Cisco XDR with AI and Identity Intelligence at RSAC 2024

2024-04-17 12:00:04 UTC

At RSAC 2024, Cisco is unveiling enhanced XDR capabilities powered by AI and Identity Intelligence. Security teams can expect increased insight, automation, and control over their environments with the latest offerings from Cisco XDR at RSA Conference 2024.

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Recent OT and Espionage Attacks Linked to Russia’s Sandworm, Now Named APT44

2024-04-17 11:36:55 UTC

Mandiant has identified a series of cyber operations linked to Russia's Sandworm group, now known as APT44. The group is responsible for recent OT and espionage attacks, according to the security firm. This information was reported by SecurityWeek.

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Using AI-Generated Legislative Amendments as a Delaying Technique

2024-04-17 11:08:32 UTC

Canadian legislators have resorted to a unique tactic to delay the adoption of a bill by proposing 19,600 potentially AI-generated amendments. This move, highlighted in the book 'A Hacker's Mind', is a novel approach in the realm of legislative delaying tactics.

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GenAI: A New Headache for SaaS Security Teams

2024-04-17 11:07:00 UTC

The debut of Open AI's ChatGPT in November 2022 has sparked a GenAI race in the software industry, causing headaches for SaaS security teams. SaaS vendors are hurrying to enhance their tools with generative AI capabilities to boost productivity. These GenAI tools are being used for various purposes, such as simplifying software development and improving email writing for sales teams.

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Critical Atlassian Flaw Exploited to Deploy Linux Variant of Cerber Ransomware

2024-04-17 10:57:00 UTC

An critical flaw in Atlassian software is being used by threat actors to spread a Linux variant of the Cerber ransomware. The attacks target unpatched Atlassian servers using CVE-2023-22518, allowing attackers to reset Confluence and create an administrator account. This vulnerability has a critical severity rating and affects Atlassian Confluence Data Center and Server.

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Oracle Patches 230 Vulnerabilities With April 2024 CPU

2024-04-17 10:30:29 UTC

In its latest Critical Patch Update for April 2024, Oracle has issued 441 new security patches to rectify 230 vulnerabilities. This update aims to enhance the security of Oracle software products.

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Hackers Exploit Fortinet Flaw, Deploy ScreenConnect, Metasploit in New Campaign

2024-04-17 10:23:00 UTC

A recent cybersecurity report has revealed that hackers are taking advantage of a vulnerability in Fortinet FortiClient EMS devices to launch a new campaign. The attackers are using the ScreenConnect and Metasploit payloads to exploit the CVE-2023-48788 vulnerability, which has a high CVSS score. This flaw could allow unauthorized code execution by unauthenticated attackers.

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Hackers Linked to Russia’s Military Claim Credit for Sabotaging US Water Utilities

2024-04-17 10:00:00 UTC

A group of hackers tied to Russia's military has taken responsibility for sabotaging US water utilities. The Cyber Army of Russia Reborn, linked to the Kremlin's Sandworm unit, has been accused of going even further than the notorious cyberwarfare unit in their attacks.

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Exploitation of Palo Alto Firewall Vulnerability Picking Up After PoC Release

2024-04-17 09:54:00 UTC

After the release of a PoC code, the exploitation of the Palo Alto Networks firewall vulnerability CVE-2024-3400 is on the rise. This news comes as a warning to users of the Palo Alto Firewall, as hackers are taking advantage of the vulnerability.

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Cisco Warns of Global Surge in Brute-Force Attacks Targeting VPN and SSH Services

2024-04-17 08:38:00 UTC

Cisco has issued a warning about a significant increase in brute-force attacks targeting VPN and SSH services worldwide. The attacks have been detected since March 18, 2024, and are coming from TOR exit nodes and other anonymizing tunnels and proxies. Cisco Talos has cautioned that successful attacks could lead to severe consequences.

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SwiftUI on macOS: Life Cycle and AppDelegate

2024-04-17 06:30:00 UTC

Apple recommends that SwiftUI apps for macOS should not rely on AppDelegate, instead suggesting alternative methods for setting up the app and handling cleanup processes before quitting. How can developers achieve this using just SwiftUI?

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SwiftUI on macOS: Life Cycle and App Delegate source code

2024-04-17 06:30:00 UTC

A new source code for SwiftUI on macOS has been released, focusing on the app's life cycle and App Delegate. Readers are encouraged to explore this code in conjunction with the main article to gain a deeper understanding of SwiftUI on the macOS platform.

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