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Crowdstruck (Windows Outage) - Computerphile

2024-07-23 15:19:02 UTC

Nearly nine million Windows machines were affected by the Crowdstrike problem in July 2024, causing a widespread outage. Dr Steve Bagley and Dr Mike Pound of the University of Nottingham analyze the impact of the issue in a video from Computerphile. The video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley, with Computerphile being a sister project to Brady Haran's Numberphile. The channel received support from Jane Street. For more information, visit https://www.bradyharanblog.com.

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Google admits it can’t quite quit third-party cookies

2024-07-23 15:03:56 UTC

Google has acknowledged that it is unable to completely eliminate third-party cookies and has returned to its Privacy Sandbox as a new approach.

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Heimdal Integrates with Autotask PSA to Elevate MSP Operations and Drive Market Expansion

2024-07-23 13:57:16 UTC

In a bid to enhance MSP operations and expand market reach, Heimdal has integrated with Autotask PSA, a popular Professional Services Automation tool from Datto, a Kaseya company. The integration aims to improve support ticket creation and management, boosting productivity and creating new business opportunities for Heimdal's customers and partners. The move comes in response to growing demand from customers.

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Google Will Keep Third-Party Cookies in Chrome

2024-07-23 13:45:13 UTC

Google has announced that they will be retaining third-party cookies in Chrome, abandoning their previous plan to phase them out. The company is now developing a new strategy regarding these cookies. This decision was revealed in a recent post on SecurityWeek.

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CrowdStrike CEO Called to Testify to Congress Over Cybersecurity Firm’s Role in Global Tech Outage

2024-07-23 13:18:04 UTC

Congress has summoned CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz to testify about the cybersecurity firm's involvement in a recent global tech outage. U.S. House leaders are seeking answers regarding the widespread disruption of services worldwide. The hearing comes amid growing concerns about cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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SentinelOne Increases SOC Capabilities With Cloud Native Security (CNS)

2024-07-23 13:00:44 UTC

SentinelOne enhances SOC capabilities with Cloud Native Security, offering improved visibility and investigation efficiency for security teams. Learn how CNS can benefit your organization.

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User Protection Suite Secures Against Talos Top Ransomware Attack Trends

2024-07-23 12:00:07 UTC

Cisco's User Protection Suite is now available to protect users against the latest ransomware attack trends identified by Talos. The suite offers a layered approach to security, helping to safeguard users against potential threats. Tune in to Talos Threat Perspective to discover more about the rising risks posed by ransomware attacks.

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2017 ODNI Memo on Kaspersky Labs

2024-07-23 11:08:40 UTC

A recently released 2017 memo from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence about Kaspersky Labs is heavily redacted but still worth taking a look at. More ODNI documents are available for review.

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CrowdStrike Speeding Up Remediation of Systems Hit by BSOD

2024-07-23 11:03:39 UTC

CrowdStrike is expediting the repair of systems affected by the recent BSOD incident. The company tested a new technique to restore impacted systems and has already successfully fixed many. Approximately 8.5 million Windows devices experienced the Blue Screen of Death last week after a faulty update. CrowdStrike assures customers that they are working diligently to resolve the issue.

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New ICS Malware 'FrostyGoop' Targeting Critical Infrastructure

2024-07-23 10:54:00 UTC

Cybersecurity experts have identified a new ICS-focused malware called FrostyGoop that recently targeted a critical infrastructure in Lviv, Ukraine. This marks the ninth known malware designed specifically for Industrial Control Systems. The malware, discovered by industrial cybersecurity firm Dragos, is the first to directly utilize Modbus TCP in a cyber attack on an energy company in January.

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Telegram Zero-Day Enabled Malware Delivery

2024-07-23 10:40:35 UTC

A zero-day vulnerability in the Android version of Telegram has been exploited by threat actors to deliver malware disguised as videos. The issue, dubbed EvilVideo, allowed attackers to send malicious files through the messaging app. SecurityWeek reported on the Telegram Zero-Day Enabled Malware Delivery.

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What to Know About the Kids Online Safety Act and Its Chances of Passing

2024-07-23 10:30:21 UTC

The Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) is being closely watched for its chances of passing in Congress. The act has both supporters and opponents, with debates ongoing about its potential impact on online safety for children. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this important legislation.

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How to Securely Onboard New Employees Without Sharing Temporary Passwords

2024-07-23 10:13:00 UTC

Securing the onboarding process for new employees without sharing temporary passwords is a top priority for organizations. Typically, temporary first-day passwords are shared, putting companies at risk for security breaches. Traditionally, IT departments had limited options, such as emailing passwords in plain text or arranging in-person meetings for verbal communication. Finding a more secure method is essential for protecting sensitive information during the crucial onboarding stage.

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Magento Sites Targeted with Sneaky Credit Card Skimmer via Swap Files

2024-07-23 10:12:00 UTC

Threat actors are targeting Magento sites with a sneaky credit card skimmer hidden in swap files. The skimmer, discovered by Sucuri, is able to evade clean-up attempts and harvest payment information from compromised websites. The malicious technique was found on a Magento e-commerce site's checkout page, where the skimmer captures data from customers filling out credit card forms.

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Vulnerabilities in LangChain Gen AI

2024-07-23 10:00:19 UTC

Two vulnerabilities, CVE-2023-46229 and CVE-2023-44467, have been discovered by researchers in the generative AI framework LangChain. The vulnerabilities in LangChain Gen AI were discussed in a detailed study, with more information available on Unit 42.

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Law Enforcement Disrupts DDoS-for-Hire Service DigitalStress

2024-07-23 10:00:00 UTC

Law enforcement in the UK successfully infiltrated and shut down the DDoS-for-hire service DigitalStress, leading to the arrest of one suspect. This disruption of the service was a significant win for authorities in combating cybercrime. The post highlighted the successful efforts of law enforcement to disrupt illegal online activities.

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Meta Given Deadline to Address E.U. Concerns Over 'Pay or Consent' Model

2024-07-23 09:37:00 UTC

Meta has been given a deadline of September 1, 2024, by the European Commission to address concerns regarding its "pay or consent" advertising model. If not addressed, Meta could face enforcement measures and sanctions. The European Commission has notified Meta of potential violations in their advertising model on Facebook and Instagram.

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FrostyGoop ICS Malware Left Ukrainian City’s Residents Without Heating

2024-07-23 09:03:04 UTC

Residents of a Ukrainian city were left without heating after a cyberattack using the FrostyGoop ICS malware targeted an energy firm. The attack resulted in numerous buildings being affected, causing discomfort for many residents. The incident underscores the importance of cybersecurity measures in protecting critical infrastructure from malicious threats.

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How Russia-Linked Malware Cut Heat to 600 Ukrainian Buildings in Deep Winter

2024-07-23 09:00:00 UTC

In a shocking incident, Russia-linked malware was used to cut heat to 600 buildings in Ukraine during the winter months. The attack targeted a heating utility in Lviv, leaving residents in the cold during the coldest point of the year. This malicious act is seen as another cruel innovation in Russia's ongoing torment of Ukrainian civilians.

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Unveiling the Scam: How Fraudsters Abuse Legitimate Blockchain Protocols to Steal Your Cryptocurrency Wallet

2024-07-23 08:01:46 UTC

Check Point Research has revealed how fraudsters are using legitimate blockchain protocols to steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting victims. The threat intelligence system identified that scammers have become more sophisticated in their methods, targeting popular exchanges like Uniswap Protocol. This decentralized exchange, which launched in 2018, has over $1.8 billion in assets locked. Stay vigilant to protect your cryptocurrency wallet from these evolving scams.

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XProCheck 1.6 update improves performance

2024-07-23 06:30:00 UTC

The latest update for XProCheck, version 1.6, enhances performance by implementing the OSLog API for log access, including local time in reports, and allowing longer scanner names with added space.

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Wiz to Pursue IPO as It Walks Away From $23 Billion Google Deal

2024-07-23 06:25:01 UTC

Cloud security giant Wiz has decided to pursue an initial public offering (IPO) instead of accepting a $23 billion deal from Google. The company will stick to its original plan, moving away from the potential acquisition by Google. The news was announced on SecurityWeek.

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Google Abandons Plan to Phase Out Third-Party Cookies in Chrome

2024-07-23 04:28:00 UTC

Google announced on Monday that it has decided to scrap its plan to eliminate third-party tracking cookies in its Chrome web browser. The proposal was introduced over four years ago as part of the controversial Privacy Sandbox initiative. Instead of phasing out these cookies, Google now plans to provide users with a new browsing experience that allows them to make informed choices about their online privacy.

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Between Two Nerds: Every cloud has a silver lining

2024-07-22 20:51:32 UTC

In the latest edition of Between Two Nerds, Tom Uren and The Grugq debate the impact of cloud computing on cyber espionage agencies. They ponder whether this technological advancement has proven to be a blessing or a curse.

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Why its so hard to get into the cybersecurity industry #tech #cybersecurity

2024-07-22 20:39:23 UTC

Difficulty breaking into the cybersecurity field is a common concern for many aspiring professionals due to various factors. #tech #cybersecurity.

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How to use the AWS Secrets Manager Agent

2024-07-22 17:45:53 UTC

The AWS Secrets Manager Agent offers a convenient way to manage and securely retrieve sensitive information such as database credentials and API keys. This service helps users avoid hard-coding credentials in their application source code by allowing them to dynamically retrieve them at runtime.

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Linx Security Raises $33M to Tackle Digital Identity Threats

2024-07-22 17:10:04 UTC

Linx Security, a New York startup originating from Israel, secures a significant $33 million in early stage funding to combat digital identity threats. The company aims to enhance online security measures with this investment.

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